Kindergarten management system

  • Category: Development, App, Administration
  • Skills: Golang, Angular, Microservices, MongoDB, NodeJS

Project Brief:

The client was looking to create a comprehensive and fully-featured system that meets all of their requirements. The system will be able to import existing data in .csv files, allowing for a seamless transition from the previous system and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

It will have the ability to create different groups and kids that belong to those groups, allowing for easy organization and management of the children. The group leaders will be able to set the presence of kids for each day, allowing for accurate attendance tracking and billing.

Parents will have the option to pick a diet for their child, as well as create an absence for the next day for their child. This will ensure that the dietary needs of each child are met and that the staff are aware of which children will be absent.

The system will also have a built-in email and chat feature, allowing for easy communication between parents and staff. This will ensure that any questions or concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the system will be able to track and count all payments based on the amount of time kids spend in the facility. This will allow for accurate billing and ensure that the client is able to charge the correct amount for the services provided.

Overall, this new system will provide the client with a comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly solution that meets all of their requirements and will help them to improve their business.

The solution:

We have chosen Golang, JavaScript, Angular, and MongoDB as the technology stack to build this system as they are well suited for the project’s specific requirements. Golang is a fast and efficient language for high-performance systems, JavaScript and Angular for building a responsive client-side, and MongoDB for managing large amounts of data with ease. These technologies will enable us to create an efficient system with a great user experience, effective communication, and simple payment processing


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The opportunity to create this new system presents a chance for us to develop a comprehensive solution that meets the specific requirements of the client. The system will allow for the import of existing data, easy organization and management of children, dietary management, efficient communication, and accurate billing. By using cutting-edge technologies such as Golang, JavaScript, Angular, and MongoDB, we will be able to create a high-performance, scalable and user-friendly system that will provide the client with a solution that meets all of their needs. This project will allow us to showcase our expertise in developing high-quality web applications and provide the client with a valuable asset that will help their business grow.

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