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  • Category: Development, App, Administration
  • Skills: Golang, Angular, Microservices, MongoDB, Redis, Nats, Google Cloud Platform, Online Payments

Project Brief:

The client had an existing food ordering application that is built using open-sourced code and has many bugs. The application connects restaurants with customers who want to order food. The client contacted us to resolve some errors, but after further discussion, it was decided to create a new application from scratch.

One of the main issues the client faced was the high costs associated with using Google’s API. Also, the client faced a lack of customization options, which will be addressed in the new application. Additionally, the client had a problem with the current application that only registered users were able to create orders, which will be addressed in the new application. The client also had issues with slow loading times, which will be improved in the new application through optimization techniques. Another problem was that the application was not mobile-friendly and had poor design, which will be addressed with a new and modern design.

The solution:

Golang, JavaScript, and MongoDB are chosen for the project due to their ability to improve the performance and scalability of the food-ordering application. Golang is a language known for its concurrency support and efficiency, while JavaScript is widely used in web development to build the frontend of the application with a responsive and interactive user interface. MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database that can handle large amounts of data and easily integrate with Golang and JavaScript, making it an ideal choice for this project. These technologies will provide the client with a fast, reliable, and customizable food-ordering application that can handle large amounts of data and deliver a great user experience.
food ordering restaurants page
food ordering restaurant page

The opportunity:

This project is an opportunity for the team to develop a high-performing and user-friendly food-ordering application using Golang, JavaScript, and MongoDB. It allows the team to showcase their skills in performance optimization, web development, and data management and provides a solution that addresses the client’s current issues and increases customer base and revenue. Additionally, the project also presents an opportunity for the team to establish a long-term relationship with the client and offer ongoing support and maintenance for the application.

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